Day 2 – The Town San Lucas – Logan’s POV

Today we got to see the town a little more. It is a really beautiful town, though it isn’t that large. The town center is especially pretty, with very aesthetic designs and a basketball court! There are lots of people out and about a lot of times, and lots of vendors selling food on the streets.

Walking up and down the streets I noticed there are many wild dogs in the street, in fact, I saw one pair of dogs mating today. There is also lots of dog poop, but for the most part the cobblestone streets are clean. Seeing market was a really interesting sight as well, including people selling almost every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable, as well as shrimp and other fish, which I found off-putting at first since it was such a hot day. I assume they were caught that morning, fresh from the lake fisherman. I’m not sure if there are shrimp in the lake though…

Walking through town I have said “Buenos días / buenas tardes / buenas noches” way more than ever before. The people are really kind here; in fact, twice now people have stopped me on the street to talk to me for a brief moment! Well, the first lady was I think trying to sell me something at her tienda (which are way common here, they are little shops like convenient stores that sell cheap goods), and the second man I think was drunk. I still think it’s a nice town!

Logan Haley_Guatemala12
Here is a cat we found just chilling on the streets today!

Logan Haley_Guatemala13

The chefs at the Foundation here, Carmen and Mayra, hook us up with really great, well-balanced, nutritious meals… with ample portion sizes! We are delighted, and full. We have come to appreciate these more, since it is hard to buy nutritious meals on your own, since there are no full grocery stores like in America. No Walmarts, no Krogers. Just little tiny convenient stores that sell lots of junkfood.

Logan Haley_Guatemala14
Here is the beautiful mural painted just outside our dormitories!

-Logan Haley


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