Day 8 – Another Day at Work!

Aurora Lofton_Guatemala3

8:15 A.M- We woke up to meet with Lesvia at central park. The night before we stayed up working until almost 10:30 PM. Speaking with Elcia and Lesvia in the morning about the changes that we will be applying to our project. We meet and took 15 samples of the families water and interviewed 21 families. Logan and Aurora did the interviews and Sarah collected the filters and took them back to the lab. We spent the entire day in Xejuyú , and spend a good amount of time with the families and getting a chance to understand their side of the equation.

After we returned to San Lucas, we ate dinner and analyzed our work for the day. We returned to the office to place the sample plates on each of the 3M testing films. We did not return to the foundation for another two hours. We were still using the hydrating technique with toothpicks at this point, allowing a few hours for the agar to hydrate without being touched by the upper film.


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