UVA GI Cardiovascular Disease Project Blog Post 1

We arrived to Santiago Atitlan after dark Sunday night in the midst of a storm. After meeting our adorable host family and getting a tour of our new house (which is connected to a bakery, jackpot) we pretty much immediately crashed. Monday morning, however, we started to get acquainted with our new town, with the help of our UVA GI faculty advisor and a tour! Diego, who was raised here in Santiago, showed us the central park, local food market, and we got our first glimpse of the beautiful lake (lined with locals doing there laundry on rocks). According to Laura’s Fitbit, we took 15,000 steps that day! We also had our first experience with riding in a pick-up. The three of us needed to travel to San Lucas (the next town over), and the public transportation there is a pick up truck outfitted with bars in the back for people to hold onto while standing. We were the first to climb in the back of the truck in Santiago, and along the exhilarating ride to San Lucas (~20 minutes), we must’ve gathered at least 15 more passengers to cram into back. It was a really good (and exhausting) day, and that evening we met with Dra. Irene Quieu to go over the plan for our first day on the job. We gathered all of our supplies together, had all of our printed materials ready, and were excited to travel to CAIMI (Centro de Atención Integral Materno Infantil) in the morning and get started with our research!?

-Laura Deal


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